Yalou Peter Kong

Peter Kong

Counsel on Chinese Law

Mr. Kong is a People’s Republic of China lawyer with a practitioner of foreign law permit to practice Chinese law in British Columbia, Canada.

Mr. Kong is a consultant providing legal services on Chinese law issues at Bridgehouse Law. His scope of practice includes: Chinese matrimonial and family law issues, inheritance, corporate and commercial, real estate, and investment, mergers and acquisitions, civil litigation, criminal, administrative proceedings, asset management, and private trusts.

Mr. Kong has been engaged in providing Chinese legal services for many years. From 1993 to 1997, he studied law at Northwest University of Political Science and Law in Xi’an, China, and obtained his LLB. In September 2008, he was issued his Chinese law practice license. In 2016, he was issued a Practitioner of Foreign Law Permit by the Law Society of British Columbia to provide Chinese legal advice in British Columbia respecting the laws of China. This permit is renewed on an annual basis.

Mr. Kong has a special interest in ecological and environmental protection and he is committed to promoting biodiversity protection and the construction of wetland nature reserves. In his spare time, he enjoys mountain climbing, hiking, golf and charity activities.

孔亚楼律师(Peter Y.KONG)是一名中国执业律师,同时,也持有加拿大BC省律师协会颁发的海外律师执业中国法律服务的许可。 孔亚楼律师(Peter Y. KONG)是桥屋律师事务所(Bridgehouse Law LLP)的中国法律业务顾问律师,执业范围包括:中国法律之婚姻法律事务,家庭法律事务,遗产继承法律事务,公司法律事务,商事法律事务,房地产法律事务,股权法律事务,投资法律事务,并购法律事务,民事诉讼程序,刑事诉讼程序,行政诉讼程序,资产管理法律事务,私人信托法律事务等。

孔亚楼律师(Peter Y. KONG)是中国专业法律人才,主要从事中国法律服务。1993-1997年,在西北政法大学学习法律并获得法学学士学位,并于2008年9月获得中国律师执业许可证,2016年获得加拿大BC省律师公会颁发加拿大海外律师执业许可证,在加拿大境内提供中国法律服务。

孔亚楼律师(Peter Y. KONG)是一位生态环境保护专家,致力于推动生物多样性保护和湿地自然保护区建设,喜欢登山,徒步,高尔夫和慈善公益活动。